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Erikoisnäyttely Hollolassa 18.3.2023, tuomari Michael Hammerich, Tanska (kennel Truly Yours)

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PU1, ROP-SohvaChampion Happy Hullabaloo I Want It That Way
Very nice 9 months old, still needs to mature. Could have a slightly more masculine head. Well set ears. Exc neck and topline. Balanced angulated. Excellent coat texture and condition. A very happy baby who is all over the place. A lot of energy and temperament. Moves well when he wants. Well

PU2 Four Seasons Hunigue Latte Macchiato
8 years old very nice male. Nice condition for age. Nice head and expression. Nice neck and top line. Could have a little bit more body under the coat. Balanced anguilated front and rear. Okay coat condition. Nice temperament. Well presented.

PU3 Jezebels Captain Jonathan Archer
5 year old masculine boy with very nice proportions. Very masculine head. Well set ears. Good neck and top line. Exc fore chest, well sprung ribs. Balanced angulated. Could be a little bit more happy in the ring. Moves soundly but with no tail action today.

PN1, VSP-SohvaChampion Serene Moonlight Shadow
6 years old bitch who gives a little long and low impression on the move. Feminine head. Nice expression, well set ears. Strong neck that could be slightly longer. Could have a little better angulations in front, well angulated in rear. Strong topline. Exc coat texture. Nice tail set. Nice temperament. Moves with a lot of energy but slightly close behind. Well presented.


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